A complete booking, payment and management solution, for independent fitness instructors of 'bounce' style fitness classes.

The bouncebook platform was originally created for Kangoo classes, but has now been updated to cater for Hiitstep / Boogiebounce / yoga / kettles style classes, or any other class type you desire, all through the one booking system!

If you are a 'bounce' instructor, who takes bookings through facebook / text messages, then this application is for you!
Take the pain out of taking bookings, allocating boots (for Kangoo classes), taking payments, and dealing with no-shows.
Take your business to the next level with a professional solution to these common issues, and move yourself towards a real business, and a real income!

Try the Demo site!!

Common issues (no booking system)

  • Tracking bookings is very time consuming
  • (Kangoo classes) Tracking boot availability can be a nightmare
  • (Kangoo classes) Tracking service intervals for boots and springs
  • Taking payments at class can be difficult to track, and very time consuming, when all you want to do is get on with the class
  • There is no penalty for no-shows, and any no-show has reserved a pair of boots that could have been used by a paying attendee
  • Tracking block bookings can be problematic
  • Lots of paperwork to track class attendance and income
  • Non-professional, amateurish appearance
  • No way to track profitability of individual classes over time
  • Getting individual disclaimers signed at class, especially at new classes with lots of new members.
The above issues are common to most classes that do not have a structured booking system.
Surely the time you spend on tracking bookings / boots etc can be better spent? Maybe on looking for new classes to start? Maybe on making your existing classes more attractive, or coming up with new routines?
Whatever your reason, freeing yourself up from these time wasting tasks means that you will have more time for implementing ways to increase your profitability, and increase the success of your business.

Benefits of the BounceBook system

  • No commitment! No upfront payments! No setup costs! You only pay a small % of each booking as it is made. Stop using at any time with no penalty!
  • If you currently use paypal to handle your payments, signing up to BounceBook will only cost you an extra 1% on each transaction! You get the entire website and booking system almost free!
  • Payments taken online
  • As payments are taken at point of booking, no-shows decrease dramatically
  • Block bookings automatically tracked
  • No paperwork!
  • Professional appearance
  • Track individual class profitability over time
  • Disclaimers are accepted online, before bookings can be made
  • (Kangoo classes) Bookings and boot availability for each class are automatically tracked
  • (Kangoo classes) Service intervals for boots tracked
If you're interested in presenting a more professional setup for your business, and making your whole management process much easier, then this application is for you.
You do not need any web design skills whatsoever! We will do the full setup for you, and we can have you up and running in a few days, with no upfront fee! Read on below to discover the main features of the BounceBook website. We have a link to a demo site, so you can 'road-test' the features for yourself.
Any queries, please contact support@bouncebook.uk


  • Each BounceBook site can be set up with a different look and logo, the site will be uniquely yours. Your website name will be 'yourname.bouncebook.uk'. You also have the opportunity to have a more unique website name set up, ie: www.yourname.uk. Email addresses will also be set up.
  • Fully automated online booking platform, with payment taken at point of booking via the secure Stripe platform. Stripe gives you a full run down of money taken, and refunds and fees paid out, via a user friendly interface. Stripe can be set up to automatically transfer payments to your bank account.
  • Cancellations are automatically handled and refunded by the system.
  • Various purchase types. Block booking, Unlimited booking, Single, Child, and Free first class. A free class is automatically awarded to each new member.
  • The duration, in weeks, of Blocks and Unlimiteds can be adjusted, and the amount of classes used on a block are automatically tracked.
  • Adjustable settings for:
    • Prices for each purchase type
    • Number of classes to display on the booking page. New classes are automatically loaded each day
    • Refund cutoff period. Enables you to set a value for the cutoff for class cancellations. You have an issue with people constantly cancelling classes last minute? This is your answer!
    • Refund charge. Charge a small admin fee for booking cancellations. This is not just a penalty for your users, but an extra incentive to get to class!
    • Set maximum number of bookings per location, so your max class size automatically adjusts, depending on the chosen location.
    • Set maximum number of newbies per class
  • Set your hire cost for each location. Your bookings for the last 6 weeks will be analysed, and average profit and attendance for each class is available for you to view. This page is invaluable, as you are able to see, at a glance, which classes are making a profit, after hall cost, and which are not.
  • (Kangoo classes) You are able to take boots out of service if a pair becomes unavailable due to breakage. Current users booked onto that pair of boots will be automatically moved to another pair if available, or the booking cancelled.
  • (Kangoo classes) Boots are selected in a drop down list, which automatically updates as boots are booked out for that class
  • (Kangoo classes) The amount of hours that each set of boots has been used for is tracked, and can be reset once the boots are serviced.
The above is just a brief run down of some of the main features of BounceBook. For a better understanding, why don't you try it for yourself? Click the link below to try out the demo site!

Demo 1

For further information, or sales and setup queries, please contact support@bouncebook.uk

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